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Registered in Scotland(60404)

Founded 1887

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Fishery map for UCAPA controlled waters

The Permit for Freshwater Fish does not give permission to fish for migratory species.

It is valid for parts of the Mouse, Douglas Water, Medwin, Duneaton Water and the River Clyde, upstream of Motherwell Bridge, with the following exceptions:

¨ Crookedstane Farm, Elvanfoot.

¨ Southwood Farm, Abington

¨ Lamington Association stretch from Roberton Burn to Thankerton Bridge

¨ Lampits Farm, Carstairs¨

¨ Stonebyres Falls to Stonebyres Bridge (both banks)

¨ Overton Farm, Crossford

¨ Ross Estate. Hamilton

The Migratory Fish Permit is valid only on that part of the MAIN STEM of the River Clyde between Stonebyres Falls and Motherwell Bridge with the exceptions of certain restricted areas:

Strictly NO FISHING from Stonebyres Falls to Stonebyres Bridge (both banks) Power Station Property. Permit holders fishing outwith the limits of their permits will be prosecuted and will, as a matter of course, not be entitled to further permits.

On stretches where the Migratory Fish Permit is valid, holders of this permit can fish for Migratory and Freshwater Species in their respective seasons.